The whole work of the mystery school is to somehow introduce you to yourself. That introduction is the introduction to existence itself.

OshoDhara is a live mystery school nurtured by an enlightened master (Sadguru Osho Siddharth) following the teachings of OSHO. It is like Ganges in which almost all the Himalayan Rivers find their entry. It represents aspirations of all the seekers of all the religions, of all the traditions, all over the world. Although, like Ganges, it emerges from Himalayas of Osho. It is the live stream “Dhara“ of Osho with ever developing spiritual practices, here life and its meaning is taught and lived in a very simple yet practical way. Relive and transform your life through new and old meditation techniques. Oshodhara has scientifically synthesized the Samadhi and Pragya programs in a sequential manner to reach the peak of human consciousness. One can experience different dimensions of divinity and live blissfully through these programs.

Start your journey from boredom to bliss – identified and experienced through meditation & Samadhi programs.
Heal and become masters of your “Body, Mind and Soul”.


Param guru Osho and sadguru Osho Siddhartha Aulia


Oshodhara has taken the responsibility to present the teachings of all sages in a proper perspective, including – Upanishad Rishis, Lord Krishna, Mahavir, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, Guru Gorakhnath, Kabir, Nanak and OSHO.

Oshodhara has revamped and simplified the spiritual practices in the form of Samadhi & Pragya programs, which can be easily accessed by seekers. Our mission is to take forward these scientific techniques and reach out to masses so that everyone can live healthy, happy and blissful life.

Osho Says, “We need a new kind of human being who has both wings: the wings of knowledge, science, technology, and the wings of meditation, enlightenment, love, and freedom. When both wings are functioning in a deep synchronicity, in a deep togetherness, in accord and harmony, then only man is complete, total.” Oshodhara is committed to create such a man


Our Bodies are like Earthen Lamps and our consciousness is like the Light. A kindled lamp represents the Master & the disciple is represented by a lamp without Flame. When a disciple comes closer to the Master, in deep trust, the flame of the Master jumps and enlightens the disciple. The Logo of Oshodhara stands for this Mysterious Phenomenon- Transmission of the Inner flame from Master to the disciple.

Oshodhara is a journey to the Source of that flame under the guidance of living Sadguru who has tread this path , realised the Source and who lives in absolute bliss.